The Personal Safety Awareness Program (PSAP) started as a joint project of Horizons Mental Health Center and the Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Center (SA/DVC) in 1982 as a result of a mutual concern about the increase in confirmed reports of child assault in Reno County since 1979. The two authors responsible for the creation of the PSAP were Susan (Yoder) Alexander, MSW, a SA/DVC volunteer, who became the coordinator of the PSAP in 1983, and Richard Line, MS, MSW, Horizons Mental Health Center.

In 1979, there were 18 confirmed cases of child assault in Reno County
In 1984 there were 60 confirmed cases.

The grass roots of the program curriculum was developed with the help of educational professionals, including several grade school teachers, a school nurse, and a grade school principal, and a law enforcement officer. Included also in the development of the program were several psychologists and clinical social workers specializing in children services.

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