One important result of implementing the PSAP in the schools has been the decrease in the amount of time it takes a child to tell someone about a sexually abusive situation.

The National Child Sexual Abuse Center reports the average age of children disclosing an abusive situation is 12 years old. Since implementation of the PSAP, the average age in Kansas is between 6 and 8 years. This means children are not in the abusive situation as long and they receive treatment much sooner.

Because of the number of people participating, coordination of activities with social services, school counselors, crisis centers, cooperative learning centers and local law enforcement agencies ensures successful provision of services will take place.

The Secretary of State, Legislators, Administrators, Judicial, and School Board members, and many other local citizens in the communities have written letters of support. The media has also been supportive of the PSAP by increasing the public's awareness of the problem of child sexual abuse through newspaper, radio and television.

Our long-term outcome is to decrease the number of sexual assaults of all types.

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