The Personal Safety Awareness Program has helped many people. Here's what they say:

 A mother and father expressed appreciation for the program with these courageous words:
        "We just want you to know how important these programs are that you give. We are so thankful that our daughter was there to hear what you had to say. Because of it, she has been saved from a lot of heartache and pain."

 One fourth grader responded to the question on the student evaluation form when asked, "Do you have any other comments or suggestions that might help us improve this program?" The child responded,
        "No, but I have one wish, I wish a scientist could come up with a magic thing, that would make all people good people."

 The United Way Director wrote,
         "Those associated with the program have heard many times over from children who have managed to avoid becoming victims. And of course, children who have already been victimized when introduced to PSAP were able to tell a trusted authority figure about the abuse. As a result, the child is able to escape additional years of potential abuse. PSAP has built a record of success in positively changing the lives of many Kansas children. We are seeing the results: it's working."

 Elementary School Principal quoted,
        "As a 19-year veteran of this school district, this is one of the smoothest, most positive and most beneficial programs to come into our schools in a long time. Our parents and staff have been very appreciative. The students' reaction was what we expected. They were not scared or frightened, it just made them aware. It has been just excellent."

 Family Service Supervisor of SRS recently wrote a support letter and said,
        "It is my personal experience in working closely with the PSAP to know that this program is being introduced into the schools in a very sensitive, tasteful fashion. I have found staff of HMHC to be very cooperative in working with the rules and regulations of SRS and in helping in the public awareness of resources available for those in need. In 1996 in Reno County, we received 861 concerns of possible abuse and neglect, which included sexual abuse. We certainly believe that many of these reports would not have been received if the children had not been aware that there is help available."

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