The primary goals of the program are to teach children, of all ages, 1) skills to protect themselves from sexual assault, and 2) the importance of reporting.

Teachers are the primary presenters of the prevention program. This decision was made because a history of disclosures by children being sexually assaulted indicates that children will more often disclose to a teacher than to anyone else.

Also included in the classroom presentations will be resource speakers from either the local mental health center, Department of Child Welfare, local crisis center or children advocacy center, and local law enforcement agencies.

By including resource speakers from agencies that come in contact with the victims of child sexual abuse, we believe that children will be more comfortable with reporting an incident after having become better acquainted with those people.

The PSAP consists of a four session program presented to the 2nd grade and a similar four session program at the 4th grade level that is delivered over a two week period.

The intention is that a child entering the second grade will view the program twice before leaving the fourth grade. Sessions are one hour in length and the four-session program is presented in the classroom in a two-week period during the second semester of the school year.

In addition to elementary students, a similar program is offered to pre-schools, Headstart, churches, early education center, middle schools and girl and boy scouts.

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